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A Surprise Engagement | Charlotte, NC

This weekend something magical happened and I was so delighted to be a part of it!

My friend Dean contacted me and told me that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Gene... and my heart simply melted. We quickly devised a surprise proposal and while it was foolproof I was so nervous - and for me it was so hard to keep the secret!

I was already going over to their apartment to take photos of one of their dogs, Betty, for her upcoming I decided to play into that. I told Dean there was this beautiful painted wall of hearts here in Charlotte called, the Confetti Hearts Wall, and it would be so cute to do the proposal there.

Dean and I both agreed that we needed to get Gene on board without her becoming suspicious. I messaged her and said that we should do some of Betty's photos outside and while we are there we could get some family photos...and she agreed that it was a beautiful location and wanted family photos with the dogs.

We then decided to invite our friend Ali to help with the surprise. She was such a big help during the process. She hid the ring and helped keep track of the Curtis and Betty (the pups)...So thank you Ali for being a part of the surprise and being a great friend.

Gene was so surprised to turn around and see Dean on one knee that she was lost of words. And yes, while I was taking photos I did start to tear up a little.

They are a beautiful couple and I am glad to not only call them friends, but family. I cannot wait for the wedding!

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