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Anna & Tyler | Asheboro, NC

Energetic, sweet, silly faces, and laughter are among the many words to describe this couple session, but before I get into all the details I need to give you guys the backstory.

A lot of you have probably seen me mention that I have three sisters and one brother. Well I enjoy that I get to be their go-to photographer for any occasion. So when my sister Anna reached out to me about doing couple photos for her and Tyler - I was so excited!

Anna and Tyler met at Guilford College in a class that they both attended - and it was love at first site. They are both creative writing majors. A couple of words to describe them as a couple are: adventurous and eclectic - so I knew that their photos were going to be unique yet fun.

We met at their apartment complex for what we are calling "round one," because it is the first session of two (the second one will be very soon!).

To get the ball rolling, we started at the tennis court. Where we were able to get some action shots and even some romantic moments.

Then from there we walked around the complex to different photo worthy spots and at one point we even had a neighbor's cat judge us through the windows.

Lastly, they hopped on their bikes and road off into the sunset - well actually they rode towards me, but you know I had to have slightly cheesy ending.

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