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Courtney & Josh | Creekside Park

When an old high school classmate reached out to me about photographing her wedding I was so delighted.

As we chatted about the details of the big day, I asked her would she be interested in engagement photos for her save the dates. Of course she said yes and as we continued to catch up I found out that her fiancé has a daughter.

In knowing that, I remembered seeing a session years ago on Pinterest where a couple included their kids in their save the dates and so I asked her would they love to include her and then I proceeded to send her some samples.

Courtney was beyond excited and stated that she would love it if, Aubrey, was included!

We all met up at Creekside Park, located in Archdale, North Carolina (I had not been there in years and it is still a lovely park!).

It was so much fun hanging out with these three and even though the sky looked like it was about to burst open, we had the best time!

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