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Watermelon Festival 2019 | Denton, NC

On August 2 of last year, I had the honor of photographing the Denton Watermelon Festival. Prior to this, I had already photographed a couple of events in the Charlotte area, so for me, I knew how important and big this job was going to be. It was especially close to my heart because I was born and raised in Denton.

A friend of mine from school had posted on Facebook that they were searching for an affordable photographer to take pictures for the Parks & Rec. Department. So I messaged her and told her I would do the job. I sent over samples from past events and a few samples from my most recent photo sessions. A couple of days later she told me I got the gig!

The Watermelon Festival was started 4 years ago by the Denton Artisan Guild with help of inspiration from Mayor Larry Ward but, since then the Denton Parks & Rec. Department has taken over. The streets were lined with food vendors and local artisans, the stage was beautifully decorated for the pageant contestants and the performers, and people from all walks of life were gathered in laughter.

The experience as a whole was definitely one for the books - even if I did get sunburnt really bad on my nose and cheeks.

Moving forward to this year, I was offered the opportunity to come attend and photograph the watermelon festival again this year. And of course I said yes, I am extremely excited to see what creative festivities will be happening at this years event.

They will still be hosting the pageant, cornhole tournament, watermelon crawl, and seed-spitting contest as they did this past year.

The event will be on August 1st of this year between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. - Check out more information about the event on the Denton Watermelon Festival Facebook page and/or website!

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