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Helton Fam. Maternity

I am SOOO IN LOVE with these beautiful maternity photos!

This was a session that I had been looking forward to for such a very long time...and I am glad that the morning light and weather were just right for this soon-to-be mama and daddy of three.

One of my favorite memories from that day is that the girls just wanted to go get their sausage biscuits. I think about it and laugh, because I too get hangry.

But what really made this session special was what Savannah posted to Facebook and I would like to share some with you all.

“On picture day I was a little upset with how the girls acted and cried the whole time and didn't not wanna take pictures. I honestly thought we would have nothing but in the end Rachel Snider always seems to capture some great ones and makes it all worth it thank u for taking our pictures…” - Savannah H.

This really warmed my heart.

I know we all want our sessions to be perfect, but family photos aren’t supposed to be cookie cutter and clean - it’s about the emotions and remembering this moment in time before it becomes a distant memory.

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