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Jamie & Robert Anniversary

It is always such an honor to photograph family members; especially, when it is my dad and stepmom.

For weeks we had to keep postponing the photos because of weather and work, but after weeks of waiting the moment had finally come.

Our original plans to go to low water bridge got changed to instead go to Pisgah Covered Bridge. Let me tell you guys... it is a beautiful landmark to go see if you are ever near the Asheboro area, but boy because of the storm that had just rolled through it was so humid and felt like the rain forest.

After we had finished photos and were on the way back to the house, I quickly made my father pull over at the Denton Farm Park's Handy road entrance so that we could do some photos against the wooden fence with the cows behind it.

The sun was going down and the golden hour was upon us. The photos are simply gorgeous and some of my absolute favorites to date.

Congratulations Dad and Jamie! I am so thankful that you two found one another finally. I know it has not always been easy, but I know that you both love one another no matter what and that you love my sisters and I endlessly. Here's to another 10 years and more!

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