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Mommy & Me | Millie and Krystal

"In the sunlight or the rain, Brightest nights or darkest days, I'll always feel the same way

Whatever road you may be on, Know you're never too far gone, My love is there wherever you may be...Just remember that you'll always be my baby." - Sara Evans; You'll Always Be My Baby

You know it’s crazy that time flies by so quickly and how things can change in a blink of an eye! One minute you're young and playing in the sun...and the next you are graduating college and starting a new chapter in your life.

As a photographer it is my job to capture special moments in time that you can look at and share with people for years to come.

I remember just two years ago taking Krystal’s maternity photos at this location...with the same red dress! And now I have had the honor of photograph her and sweet Millie's mommy and me moments.

Here are some of my absolute favorites from this session!

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