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Mommy & Me Minis | 3 Reasons Why

As moms, you are usually so busy taking photos of your kids, that you often get left out. You end up with lots of pics of dad or grandparents with the kids, and the only way you can sneak in is to kindly ask a stranger to snap a picture for you with your phone!

That is why Mommy and Me sessions are so important - it gives you the chance to get some one on one photos with you and your babies.

Here are my three reasons why you should have a mommy and me session.

1) One of the reasons why you should do this session with your children is because it gives you a moment to be alone with your children! We all know that days go by pretty fast, and with our hectic life and house chores, sometimes we don’t give enough attention to the little ones. There is school, work, husband, dog, etc. How about taking one day a year for you to spend time with them? It could be an afternoon in a park, at a playground, or even go out for ice cream? I can record this moment of you!

2) The second reason is because I see photography as the best way for you to remember! What is your feeling when you open your Facebook, and it reminds you of a beautiful picture that you posted a few years ago from a family trip, for example? Through photography, you will relive those special moments with them, and they will also remember this moment with great affection, in one, two, or even 20 years from now.

3) And the last reason why you deserve this session is for you to show your children how special they are! Children love expensive gifts, things with brand names and technology. However, it is quite likely that they will remember an afternoon in the park with you much more than all those gifts you have given to them. Teach your children that love, family, and the simple moments are much more important than things money can buy!

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