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Jasmine Maternity | Mount Pleasant, NC

This past Saturday, I got to photograph a client who I have created a friendship with over the years.

She told me back in April that she was expecting her third child. My heart was overwhelmed with joy. Ever since I met her, I have been her go-to photographer and she always trusts me with themes and locations.

I have had the pleasure of photographing each of her pregnancies and with each one, you can tell how my skills have developed over the years.

Recently, I was traveling down highway 49, to my hometown, when just before I arrived at the small town

of, Mount Pleasant, I noticed a field of sunflowers and orange cosmos along the side of the road... and of course I stopped for some photos of it!

That is when I got the idea. I texted her and asked would she be interested in going there to do her maternity photos and sent her some photos of the field. She replied with yes!

So over the next few weeks, we looked at samples from other photographers that have photographed pregnancy photos at sunflower patches and we went through countless outfit revisions. Finally, we had the outfits down and I knew which poses were going to be the best.

It was so much fun, and to make the story even better. We did have a sheriff pull over behind us while shooting because he just wanted to make sure that we were not broken down on the side of the road!

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