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Studio Maternity Photos

For years I have been taking photos for my dear friends Lamar and Jasmine, and once again they are expecting their third child, which is due in late November!

Through each pregnancy we have done a series of maternity sessions - both outdoor and studio.

Back in July we met in Mount Pleasant, North Carolina, and did a maternity sunflower photo shoot with the sunflowers that were growing along side the road. If you want to view the sunflower photos click here.

So since we have photographed outdoors that meant we'd soon be planning for the studio session at home soon.

Flashback to yesterday I loaded up my lights, camera, and backdrops in my car and made my way to their house.

We set up in the dining room, which had beautiful light pouring in from the huge windows, so I did not even need to use my artificial lights!

They are always so much fun to be around and work with and I cannot wait to meet the newest addition to the family - and yes it's a girl!

I hope you enjoy the gallery of all the photos!

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