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The Luxe Lens Presets | Take Two

A little over a month ago I had a lady named, Maria, reach out to me through the instant contact form on my website.

She introduced herself and informed me that she was one of the owners of @TheLuxeLens and thanked me for the great review that I wrote about the Earthy Moods Presets - which are still my all time favorite!

She gave me a personalized coupon to purchase more on the website... and yes, I went straight to the site! I downloaded the, 2020 Everything, All-Store Lightroom preset bundle, and it included 35 different preset collections!

Let me tell you guys... I AM IN LOVE! Each collection comes with a lot of presets, brushes, and tool-kits that are so amazing.

I have really started to love the light & airy collection; as well as, the Interior Design & Real Estate presets - I use them for my graphic design in which I take photos of realtor's houses and use them on the postcards and such!

If you are looking for or just want to experiment with new presets I highly suggest you go over to their website and search through the many collections that they offer, you will not be disappointed!

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